Probably the Best Sounding Bluetooth Speakers you'll ever hear.

The uStream One from Mitchell Acoustics is a hi-fi stereo wireless music system featuring two identical bookshelf (or stand mount) active speakers deploying the latest in True Wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to each other, they simply plug into the mains power.
  • Control the music with your phone!
  • Unlimited streaming!
  • Wireless freedom!
  • British design
Tech Specs
  • Rated Output Power: 100 watts
  • Diaphragm: Magnesium Alloy
  • Power Supply: AC 110-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 20KHz20




All Mitchell Acoustics products ordered on mitchellacoustics.co.uk have a 30-day money back guarantee. During this time, you can return or exchange your purchase for free, and we will ensure that you get your money back. All returns (including exchanges) can be made within 30 days of receipt. As a condition of eligible returns, all returned products must be in the condition that they have been received in and ensuring the original packaging, warranty card, gifts and all other accessories are included and are undamaged. If you have a problem with your product or you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact us. We’re here to help.


All Mitchell Acoustics Products are precision engineered and the Authorised Distributors provide warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship for the following products from the date of original purchase is as follows:

  • Wireless loudspeakers: 1 year


This warranty is only valid in the country of purchase and only applies to the first purchaser of the Mitchell Acoustics product(s) from an Authorised Dealer. This warranty does not extend to any other person or transferee, and terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the Mitchell Acoustics product(s) to another party/entity.

This warranty does not cover any of the following:-

  1. normal or fair wear and tear and/or any wear from environmental deterioration of the Mitchell Acoustics product and/or its components
  2. mechanical damage or derangement of the Mitchell Acoustics product in transit that is not attributable to the fault of the Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributor
  3. deterioration of any consumable components of the Mitchell Acoustics product which would become worn or depleted through use (e.g. batteries)
  4. any Mitchell Acoustics product whose serial number label(s) is/are missing, made illegible, defaced, altered, removed, or damaged
  5. any Mitchell Acoustics product and/or any of its components that is not purchased from an Authorised Dealer/Distributor, including any parallel imports or grey market products
  6. incorrect or unauthorised components which have been substituted and/or used for the Mitchell Acoustics Product;
  7. any Mitchell Acoustics Product and/or any of its components which have been installed, disassembled, repaired, converted, modified, tampered with or otherwise interfered with in any way by any person/entity other than an authorised representative of the Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributors
  8. any defects, malfunction, loss and/or damages caused by or resulting from any of the following:-
    1. any of the circumstances set out in (1) – (7) above
    2. any accident or negligence not caused by the fault of Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributors
    3. any improper installation or connection of the Mitchell Acoustics product (including without limitation any improper connection of the Mitchell Acoustics product to improper voltage or power source) not caused by the fault of any of the Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributors
    4. any improper care, dropping, mishandling, misuse, abuse or unreasonable or improper use, operation or maintenance of the Mitchell Acoustics Product
    5. any operation of the Mitchell Acoustics product with any faulty, unsuitable or inappropriate apparatus and/or ancillary equipment
    6. any use of the Mitchell Acoustics Product under abnormal or inappropriate voltage or power surges;
    7. failure to use, operate or maintain the Mitchell Acoustics product in accordance with the instructions set out in the users’ manual
    8. exposure of the Mitchell Acoustics product to extreme temperature, heat, water or other liquids, insects, excessive moisture, sand, chemicals, battery leakage or any other contaminants
    9. any force majeure events, including but not limited to any acts of God, fire, lightning, typhoon, storm, earthquake, hurricane, natural disaster, tsunami, flood, war, riot, public disturbance
    10. any other causes beyond the reasonable control of either Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributor.


Warranty may vary according to the local legal requirements of the country concerned. Contact your local authorised Mitchell Acoustics distributor (“Authorised Distributor/s”) for details of specific warranty terms and relevant service procedures. For the list of authorised Mitchell Acoustics distributors worldwide, please visit mitchellacoustics.co.uk.

This warranty is in addition to, and in no way detracts from, your statutory rights as a consumer under any applicable laws governing this warranty.

If any provision of this warranty is unlawful, void or unenforceable under the applicable laws governing this warranty, that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity of any of the remaining provisions.


Purchase Mitchell Acoustics products (including passive loudspeakers, active loudspeakers, powered subwoofers, motorised speakers, electronics and headphones [“Mitchell Acoustics products”]) only from dealers (“Authorised Dealer/s”) and distributors authorised by Mitchell Acoustics in their respective jurisdiction to sell genuine Mitchell Acoustics products. Do not entrust repair work to unauthorised persons. The components necessary to maintain the original performance of the Mitchell Acoustics products are available only through Authorised Distributors. Warranty is provided only to Mitchell Acoustics products purchased from an Authorised Dealer and accompanied by proof of purchase. No warranty is provided to any product and/or any components not purchased from an Authorised Dealer/Distributor. Keep and produce receipt or proof of purchase in the event that service of your product is required. Information such as the date of the original purchase, the name and model number of the product, and the details of the Authorised Dealer must be clearly stated on the relevant receipt or proof of purchase.

The terms and conditions of this warranty may be revised from time to time by Mitchell Acoustics and you agree to be bound by the latest terms. Any updates to this warranty will be posted on the official website for Mitchell Acoustics products, www.mitchellaccoustics.co.uk. 


Other than the warranty and services set out in this warranty, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributors shall not be liable to you and/or any third party or entity whatsoever for:- 
  • any loss, damages and/or malfunction caused to any product(s) which is/are connected to any of the Mitchell Acoustics products
  • any damages, loss and liability (except for any personal injuries or death), whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential special, punitive or otherwise, howsoever caused by, arising out of, or otherwise in relation to the installation, delivery, use, service, repair, replacement and/or maintenance of the Mitchell Acoustics product; or
  • any damages, loss and liability (except for any personal injuries or death) under this warranty in respect of any act, omission, or negligence of any of their technicians, employees, agents, representatives or independent contractors relating to the actual or purported performance of any of the obligations under this warranty.

Without limiting the above, the maximum liability of the Mitchell Acoustics and its Authorised Distributors under this warranty shall not in any event or under any circumstances exceed the actual purchase price paid for the Mitchell Acoustics product(s).

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