uStream One


Probably the Best Sounding Bluetooth Speakers you'll ever hear.

The uStream One from Mitchell Acoustics is a hi-fi stereo wireless music system featuring two identical bookshelf (or stand mount) active speakers deploying the latest in True Wireless Bluetooth technology to connect to each other, they simply plug into the mains power.

That's it. No connecting cables, no wires, No hassle!


Control the music
with your phone!







uStream One is compatible with other devices.

Did you know you can connect the uStream One to a Smart Device?

Via the Alexa app or Google Home app you can nominate your preferred Bluetooth speaker for playback. This means that instead of sound coming from the device itself, it comes from your uStream One.

So what's so good about that you may ask? Well, imagine this. Instead of using your phone, tablet or laptop as your Bluetooth music source, you can simply say "Alexa, play my Lazy Sunday playlist" and the sound will come from your uStream One's, effectively turning them into a full STEREO hi-fi quality smart speaker.


Did you know that the most popular way to Stream Music is YouTube?

And you can't stream YouTube music via any networked music system like Sonos. Only via Bluetooth. So you can with the uStream One!

You can stream high quality stereo music straight from your smartphone to the uStream One's with nothing else needed. No amplifier, no cables, no wires, NOTHING! Spotify, YouTube, ANYTHING you like.

Playing your favourite sounds in beautiful stereo has never been easier!