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About Mitchell Acoustics

The uStream One wireless speaker system has been designed by award winning British audio specialist and professional producer/musician, Paul Mitchell who, with the help of his father, built his first hi-fi system as a boy in the early 70’s. Paul undertook design work for a number of UK audio companies over the past 15 years resulting in widespread recognition from the hi-fi industry as well as ‘Product of the Year’ award from a leading UK publication. Paul is passionate about music and remembers the first time he listened to a piece of music in stereo and what it did to him. The space and soundscape conjured up images of the musicians and he felt like he could ‘see the music’.

That’s why in the modern era he has designed a system of such simplicity and ease of use for the lazy times we live in, but made sure it didn’t lack any of the refinement of decent hi-fi. And unlike the majority of Bluetooth bookshelf active speakers which require a cable between the left and right speaker, in the uStream One Paul has created a system in which the left and right speaker connect to each other totally wirelessly, allowing for complete freedom in where they are placed.

The uStream One wireless speaker system features custom designed driver units which allow for a potent, powerful sound that belies the relatively small cabinets they are housed in. While best performance comes when they are used on stands, the uStream One will happilly work on a bookshelf or desktop or other AV furniture. We want you to be able to enjoy the kind of sound quality that you’d assciate with expensive hi-fi systems without the need for all the electronics and cabling usually required.

We think we have created a system that offers amazing performance at a very affordable price. You will find that our careful selection of components coupled with our precision manufacturing and quality control delivers a hi-fi experience that far exceeds expectations at the price. Quality hi-fi does not need to break the bank!